Mr. Goodman has handled hundreds of cases, with an excellent winning track record.  Here are a few examples:

  • Mr. Goodman represented Mr. S who was sued for indemnity (for over one million dollars) by a surety he had signed a general indemnity agreement (GIA) with.  After three rounds of written discovery Mr. Goodman obtained the admissions he needed and brought a successful summary judgment motion resulting a judgment in favor or Mr. S, and recovery of legal fees and costs for Mr. S.
  • Mr. Goodman represented a public-works subcontractor "SC" which was being sued by a former employee who was severely injured when his foreman, while working for SC, hit him over the head with a 2 x 4 during a fight which started over the employee coming back late from work.  Mr. Goodman filed a written motion called a Demurrer which resulted in a dismissal of the lawsuit as against SC.  
  • H was a general contractor performing mostly Caltrans work.  When H filed for bankruptcy, it had seven open Caltrans projects, each with substantial claims on them. H also had one claim against the San Bernardino County Flood Control District.  Mr. Goodman was appointed Special Litigation Counsel by the Bankruptcy Court, and proceeded to prosecute the eight matters for H.  Mr. Goodman negotiated a good settlement with the SBCFCD.  Mr. Goodman was also able to reach a reasonable settlement of one Caltrans matter, but Caltrans was unwilling to act reasonably in the other six matters.  Mr. Goodman prosecuted all six through the California Office of Administrative Hearings, Public-Works Arbitration Program (OAH), as required in Caltrans contracts.  After seven OAH Arbitrations (one case was remanded post appeal for a new arbitration as to damages only, so it is counted twice), and three appeals, H prevailed in all six cases, and recovered substantial damages, attorney fees and other costs in each case.
  • Mr. B was the President of H, and had signed GIAs with three different sureties regarding the eight projects discussed the the previous paragraph.  The sureties were impressed with how Mr. B, with Mr. Goodman's help, was able to recover so much claim money from Caltrans and the SBCFCD.  This significantly lessened the losses the sureties were taking in the Bankruptcy Case.  Despite owing over six million dollars to the sureties, Mr. Goodman and Mr. B negotiated a much better settlement, a fraction of the amount owed (the exact amount is confidential) and Mr. B was able to retire comfortably.
  • Mr. Goodman represented contractor W with regard to a truck W purchased "as is" from a used car dealer.  The trial judge believed the "as is" clause allowed the dealer to misrepresent the defects in the truck and granted summary judgment in favor of the car dealer.  Mr. Goodman filed an appeal and won.  After that victory, the bonding company for the used car dealer was more amenable and Mr. Goodman negotiated a a good settlement which W was delighted with, and which avoided the need for a trial.
  • Mr. Goodman represented general contractor WC against a nearby City with regard to a storm drain installation/rehabilitation project which experienced substantial delays and disruptions due mostly to undisclosed utilities, and the City's failure to timely obtain a necessary permit.  WC, at Mr. Goodman's suggestion, hired Mr. F, an excellent claims consultant, who prepared an as-planned vs. as-built schedule analysis.  Claims, including Mr. F's analysis and schedules, were timely filed and well documented.  After filing a government code claim, but prior to initiating any actual litigation, Mr. Goodman and the City Attorney agreed to an early mediation where the matter was quickly settled.  WC, which needed the money badly, was very pleased with this settlement.
  • General Contractor H was sued by a subcontractor for interest and late payment penalties.  The subcontractor had been paid late, however Mr. Goodman got the Plaintiff's Controller to make damaging admissions during cross-examination at the Superior Court bench trial in San Francisco.  After Plaintiff rested their case, Mr. Goodman made an oral Motion for Judgment based on the Controller's admissions.  Mr. Goodman's motion was granted and the case was dismissed.  H, and it's surety recovered prevailing party attorney fees and costs, which Mr. Goodman levied and recovered from the Plaintiff's bank account.
  • Many more cases too!